Saturday, January 27, 2007

I Have a Praise!

We found a lead guitar player! His name is Mike and it was truly a God thing on how he came about. He just moved to town about two weeks ago, and he was at the music store last week when Brian ran into him. They started talking (Brian probably held him hostage to talk!), and he mentioned that he had played around with some guys in Texas and would love to play in a band here, but he really didn't know anyone. Brian invited him to practice Thursday, and we had an awesome time playing together. We all left that night in great spirits--it felt great to have somebody that could play and was totally excited about the project!
I asked Kent Sunday if he knew anyone who played the drums and he mentioned that Rod (who sings in our choir) maybe played. Charlie had him play for him Wednesday and he said he was rusty, but was solid. So all this time a drummer was right under our noses! We all meet together Tuesday night--I can't wait to see how it sounds!

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Paula Clark said...

Fab news Ashley - it's all coming together for you :)