Wednesday, January 17, 2007

2007 So Far

It's been a busy year for me so far! These are the things that I'm doing with my time:

participating in a contest at
attending choir practice again
working on the band issues and practicing with Brian
working a few hours at my mom's office
getting ready for three classes at my LSS
hosting the ScrapJazzy awards at ScrapJazz (whew, that's a lot of work!)
submitting layouts like crazy to DT calls and magazines
and of course, doing the regular mom things that I do here at home

I've basically hit the ground running here in January. I like it, but I do miss my naps!


Anonymous said...

Ashley I am so very proud of you! We definetly have missed you at choir and are so glad that you are back with us!!!! I know that the Lord will use your beautiful voice. and putting some hours in at your mom's office. That is GREAT!

Luv You

Paula Clark said...

WOW Ashley how do you fit it all in? I'm flat out just trying to catch up on life LOL. Being summer holidays here it's hard to get into any sort of routine and we've been away a lot. The girls have finally gone back to school this week and I'm frantically trying to get myself sorted and this house clean :-P

Could you send some of your energy my way please :)