Friday, December 27, 2013

Quotable Quotes

I often worry about my kids becoming ungrateful, or indifferent to the blessings of Christmas.  Thankfully, that situation has yet to arise, and they are still captivated by the magic of receiving packages full of surprises.  Clayton is always glad to receive, but he isn't able to articulate his excitement quite like Jackson.  Jackson's words were definitely some that I don't want to forget.
When opening his long awaited red yo-yo:  "YEEEEESSS!  This is the BEST DAY EVER!!"

(Take note of gangsta Clayton in the background . . . )  :)

As he lay in bed facing Clayton (just after I removed his new glasses with windshield wipers), Clayton sneezed.  As I helped Clayton with a kleenex, Jackson looked at me matter-of-factly:  "See, Momma, that's why I needed to wear my glasses with the windshield wipers."  

Christmas morning:
"It just keeps getting better and better, Momma!"  

"Santa has cool stuff."

"This is the BEST DAY EVER!!!"

"This is the WORST. DAY. EVER."  (Why, Jackson?)  "Because we have to wait for everything to charge."  :(

And as we began another game on the new WiiU, "Let's do this thing!"

(I guess he considers himself an old pro after just 24 hours of Wii).  

I'm sure there are some that I'm forgetting, but one thing's for sure--Jackson was one happy boy this Christmas, and he couldn't help but infect others with the excitement of opening gifts packaged especially for him.  

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