Friday, July 26, 2013

A Week in the Life of a Boy

Jackson's had a rough week.  It started last Thursday when he was in timeout and this BB like object "jumped from the carpet and into his ear."  It was a miracle to say the least.  A miracle that warranted a visit to the doctor to get it removed.  

Then on Wednesday, after been told countless times to stop running in the house, he ran smack dab into the door facing (easy to do when you're wearing a hat over your eyes).  Within minutes of the collision, he had a knot on his forehead that popped out at least an inch and a half.  
And then to top it all off, that very same night, he got what I hope is his first and last motorcycle burn.  I'm sure you're all of aware of that elusive muffler burn that happens so often when riding (I've got a scar myself to show my familiarity with it).   
Fortunately, he bounces back quickly and doesn't let crazy stuff like this get him down.  UNfortunately, I see a lot more of these incidents in our future . . . these stories are reminiscent of stories I've heard from Brian's childhood, so I get the feeling we have a lot more to come.

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