Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's {Still} The Little Things

When Jackson was a few months old, I posted about how foreign it was to do the "normal" things for him, when I was used to climbing obstacles to do some of the most basic things with Clayton.  Three and a half years later, those moments still occur daily.  

I've prayed a very specific prayer over the years:  one day I would wake up to Clayton walking into my bedroom to wake me up.  What a joy that would be to see him coming for me on his own two feet!  But alas, if he cries out in the night, we go to him since that prayer has yet to be answered.   I've continued that same pattern with Jackson, perhaps spoiling him a bit, simply because I'm used to jumping up and at 'em as soon as I hear a whimper on the monitor.  So when I was laying in bed the other night watching television and I heard strange noises, I thought the dog was having some crazy nightmares as she lay in the room with me.  I was literally taken aback when I looked over to realize the sounds were little feet coming into my room!  Jackson walked up to the bed, threw back the covers, jumped right in, and went fast asleep almost immediately.  I just lay there flabbergasted.  Wow is all I could think.  So this is how the rest of the world does it??  Just the whole thought of him waking up in his own room, deciding to navigate through the dark house, and then helping himself to the comfort of momma's bed blew me away.  It's so simple, yet so strange in our little world!


Amy said...

Gosh, I understand. I never thought of that before, well that scenario specifically. I totally get it though. I cannot imagine. I have to run to Emma's bed too, a lot more often than I wish I did. She is 9 now, and I cannot even count how many times I have made that nightly trek (multiple times per night) over the past 9 years. It sure is the little things.

Shyne Photography said...

So beautiful. Lovely photo of the boys.