Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Relaxing in the Backyard

It has been gorgeous here the last couple of days.  And with any pretty weather, we always head outside.  In my mind, I always envision the little tykes playing in my immediate view while I read or simply daydream.


Instead, I am on constant guard and mainly herd duty.  I understand this is a mom's job, but not even for two minutes am I allowed to sit quietly.  With Clayton's newfound freedom and Jackson's general rebelliousness, it is all I can do to keep them in check--I know anyone within ear shot thinks I am a nut if they listen long enough!  Instead of sitting, I run around trying to make sure both the chair and the gator and their drivers stay in my immediate view (and of course, neither is in the same spot at the same time!)

"Clayton, stay in our yard."
"Jackson, don't drive on the trailer."
"Clayton, stay in our yard."
"Jackson, stay where I can see you."
"Jackson, what shoes are you supposed to wear in the mud? Get your boots on!"
"Clayton, STAY in our yard."
"Jackson, you can't pull the trailer!"
"Jackson, get back here!  I don't care if you're chasing the bird!"
"Jackson, leave the bird alone!"
"Clayton, do not drive your chair through the mud."
"Clayton, get away from the mudhole!"
"Jackson, you cannot pull the trailer."
"Clayton, get off their porch and come back into our yard."
"Clayton, don't run over Katie!"
"Jackson, stop chasing the bird with the gator!"
"Clayton, if you don't get back into our yard, you're getting out of the chair."
"Jackson?  Where's Jackson?!"
"Clayton, get away from their window."
"Clayton, you have GOT to stay in our yard!"

"Whew.  I'm relaxed . . . now let's go in."

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Kelli said...

love this. true life.