Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Loves Towing

These boys just can't get enough of the mud.  And Jackson isn't the only one. Clayton has been attempting (successfully when we aren't watching) to take his power chair right through the same mud holes that Jackson plows through.  Unfortunately, that doesn't work too well with a chair that he has to also use in the house, so we've been trying to limit the amount (and deepness) of the mud he runs through . . . in the meantime, we've found something he likes to do almost as much:  towing Jackson out of the mud!

That little power chair of his makes the perfect wench vehicle and both boys LOVE the whole process of getting the ties and things hooked up and ready to go. In fact, I could swear that Jackson gets stuck on purpose, just so Clayton can come rescue him out of yet another mud hole!

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Stephanie said...

I think the mud thing may be genetic. My third grade teacher called me the mud child. I was always in it. I'm 29 now and I still don't think that anything is more fun than riding four wheelers through the mud. The best days are when you get stuck.