Tuesday, March 06, 2012


Hello, blogger people.  I am still here, and I have blog material waiting in the wings to be written, but I've just been too pooped to get it done.  For the last year or so, the majority of my blogging has been done between the hours of a 11pm-1am.  And even though I'm still a night owl, I've just been super tired lately and blogging has been last on the list.  Don't abandon me, more reading material is just around the corner!


Patti H said...

I will never abandon you silly! Your blog rocks!!

Amy said...

I enjoy your blog too! Like you I keep those late hours. I also understand the fatigue, but I am still here too! I like keeping up with you because it makes me feel less alone as I walk this road (with CP) with my Emma. I also appreciate that you are a Christian. So, I will definitely be hanging around.