Thursday, March 22, 2012

Jackson: A Photo Essay

Clayton is the lucky owner of both an iPad and iPod.  Clearly, he can't use them both at once, so while he prefers the iPad, Jackson gets to use the iPod for [limited] amounts of time.  This makes for some interesting viewing later on.  He has recorded at least 25 ten second movies and has become somewhat of an expert maneuvering around YouTube finding videos of trash trucks and trucks and ATVs stuck in the mud.  And when he's not busy with videos, he is quite the little photographer.  So here is just a taste of what I found on Jackson's camera roll when I uploaded the files . . . this might be an overshare, but I've culled them down considerably!

 the office:

 ceilings and floors are a common theme:

lots of backseat photos as well:
he even used natural lighting on this one:
 change in perspective:
 Clayton, of course:
the T.V.:
 his guitar:
a photo downloaded off my blog (yes, he knows how to do that because he does it on the iPad regularly):

 lots of pics taken while I'm inside picking Clayton up from therapy:

 and on the way home:
 laying in Momma's bed:
pic downloaded from a game:

Daddy on FaceTime:
 Clayton and Katie:
 the ever-present cup (I like his composition here!):
 his dinner (ugh--his food photography could use some help):
 Momma talking on the phone:
 Clayton, again:
 one of his toothbrushes:
 the cup again:
 his new rain boots (he made a production of getting this pic):
 I'm sensing a theme in the self-portraits:
 beside the desktop:
 beside the laptop:
 last one on the roll, taken yesterday:

So there you go.  A peek into the world of Jackson.  You never know--this may be the beginning of a budding career in photography!


Pop said...

Jackson is a "trip"

Stacy said...

LOL I let Lacy loose when she was 4 with my old digital camera. It was so fun to see what she came up with. I think Jackson could very well end up a photog like his momma! He is such a sweety!

Patti H said...

I love that you made a blog post about this. So stinkin cute