Tuesday, February 07, 2012

A Photo Story

So Nicole and I attempted the impossible the other day:  capture a photo with all six kids looking in the general direction of the camera.  
 We once again proved it is impossible.
And as you'll notice, the principal offenders are my sons.  Jackson was having a grand old time singing and talking, and eventually getting his cousins' attention.  And then of course he slammed his head against that rock behind him.
 This meant that even after comfort from Momma, he was sobbing and screaming.
 It was torture, you know.
By the time he had calmed down, even the dedicated poser Drew was pretty much done with the photo sitting.
 In the end, I'm considering myself lucky to have gotten this cute shot of Clayton and Taylor.


Patti H said...

LOL this post made me giggle I so feel your pain. I love the one of Jackson being the photo clown and getting all the attention. That is so our Ben. But I love all the photos I love the "real" photos where everyones own personalities shine through!! Great memories created yet again!!

Kelli said...

personally I think this just makes it real. love them all :) At Christmas time now when we have the entire family I tell my in laws we are going to get what we get because in the end it always goes badly for one of us...they weren't too happy with me, but then I said well you can have your perfect shot with the fake smiles that says nothing, you can have the shot of my daughter admiring her brother's funny antics or you have the shot of my daughter pouting because I yelled at her....personally I'd take my daughter's infatuation over her brother anyday :) And the top one of your photos where you mentioned Jackson getting his cousins attention and singing...that's the best. :)

hannah said...

cute family photos