Friday, February 17, 2012

Moving Up

One of the great features of Clayton's new power chair is the elevator feature.  In his manual chair, he is relegated to one height--and with lots of tables and surfaces, it's not always the right height.  And while it is great for tables in general, this new up/down feature is great for giving him a new perspective on many tasks.  
He was more than excited the other night when I asked him to "help" me with the dishes.  He worked and worked putting things in the sink and then taking them back out again.  

 He even tried his hand at drying a bit!

When I told him I wanted to take his picture, he was glad to grin for me.  He was pretty proud of himself.  We just take so much for granted--it has probably been years (since he was itty bitty) since he was raised up to the sink to peek in.  So just getting to see what a sink even looks like was new to him!  Long after I was done, I let him just hang out at the sink and explore.  He's got a lot of learning to do about the environment above his normally three feet height.    

 He eventually got bored though.  Told me he had to wash himself next!


Amy said...

So cute! I love this post. That chair is awesome.

Kelli said...

wow. so awesome, I'm so happy for you all and that chair, it opens up so many new possibilities and allows Clayton to learn and see new things :) jUst by raising him up! Craziness. We are so happy for you guys :)

Patti H said...

The things this new chair does for Clayton is unbelievable. Yes Ashley we do take too much for granted. Thankfully for Clayton he can do and see a bit more now.