Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Hide and Go Seek

Jackson is all about hiding and finding--has been since he was mobile.  And the reasons he's so good at it is because he is incredibly patient and not scared of the dark!  He'll hide in any nook and cranny and wait quietly until you indeed find him out.
 It is interesting though, how sometimes he thinks he is hidden, but isn't really.  :)
Know why he was hiding on this day?  I had my camera out!  My camera immediately puts my kids on strike and sends Jackson on a journey to find a hide out . . . I still managed to get his cute smile as I made eye contact with him.  He always greets me with an "I FOUND YOU, MOMMA!" 
Yes you did, sweet boy.  :)

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Patti H said...

he is just so adorable. Ben has always loved to play hide n seek too!