Monday, October 24, 2011

Abbreviated Recap

Exhausted!  That is the only word for describing me at this moment.  Last Tuesday, we set out for Fort Worth to attend the Crossroads Tabernacle Prayer Conference.  And after basically a 72 hour prayer and worship marathon, we drove home this weekend to another spirit-filled service at our home church.  It was such a blessing to have been led by Corey Jones and Michael and Maria Durso.   Maria is probably the most dynamic speaker I have ever heard.  The Holy Spirit is all over her messages--almost free flowing out of her.  Not to mention that her and her husband are probably the two most knowledgable people on the scriptures that I've ever met.  All three pastors gave more incredible insight on the importance of prayer this year--I'm completely sold out to to this view of being in continual conversation with God.  I'm just praying my fleshly tendencies will be able to keep up with the deal . . . and while it may take me all week to recover from the crazy schedule we kept, I wouldn't trade the experience for anything!

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