Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Play by Play: A Trip to the Mall

Okay, so Brian and I were super brave today and decided to take both boys on an outing to the mall. Easy, right? HA. HA. Here are the highlights of the trip that wore both of us out:
1. Pull up in parking space, take almost 15 minutes to unload and decide what was most important to take along on the wheelchair and stroller. All this while trying not to wake up a sleeping Jackson because I knew he'd be hungry the moment he woke up.
2. Decide that two diapers per child and a box of wipees in my purse should be plenty. Oh, and just in case (because with Clayton, there is ALWAYS a case), I threw in a pair of shorts too. All these things in an already packed purse . . . also had to take the feeding supplies for Clayton since we would probably be there during supper time.
3. Walk in the mall, stop at restroom for Brian.
4. Walk around the corner and decide that before we can shop we must get our energy up by consuming some yummy ice cream.
5. While we're eating, Clayton decides to poop and laughs the whole time we are finishing our ice cream. Meanwhile, Jackson starts stirring.
6. Go back to the restroom so Brian can change Clayton's diaper. (I'm impressed the men's bathroom in this mall has a changing table!). Unfortunately, he had to use the extra shorts since it was a bit messy. (Don't you love the detail?)
7. By this time, Jackson is knawing on his hand, his sure-fire signal to momma it's time to eat.
8. I just can't bring myself to breastfeed in front of strangers, and the only option I had at the time was the handicapped stall in the women's restroom. So Jackson and I spent thirty minutes in a restroom stall listening to some CRAZY conversations that I never knew went on in the restroom! Brian and Clayton spent the time cruising the mall.
9. With diapers and feeding done, we set off to "shop." I managed to get some clothes tried on and bought and so did Brian. Most of my shopping was done while holding Jackson on my hip and pushing the stroller--he even threw in a good amount of spit up to deal with just to test my skills big time. By then, I was needing another pick me up, so we headed for the food court.
10. And of course Clayton had a pee-pee diaper. And since it was time for him to eat, Brian got diaper duty again while I got the pump ready. And with all the commotion, Jackson started getting fussy again.
11. Then it was my turn for a bathroom break!
12. While we sat at our table, Jackson wouldn't give up, so I knew it was time for him to eat once again (story of his life!). Thankfully the food court bathroom had a nice couch and chair, so we were saved the annoyance of balancing on a germ covered toilet. (Although I'm sure there were plenty of germs on the chair we sat in).
13. Brian found some live music to entertain Clayton during their wait.
14. After that we sat off for a few more stores. While I was looking for a dressing room, Brian announced that Clayton had once again pooped, and this time it was an emergency since the poop was about to come out of the top of the diaper (are you getting a visual yet???). (By the way, we deal with this ALL THE TIME which is why it's always imperative to have at least TWO changes of clothes for him!!). But who knew we'd need them both within a couple of hours?!
15. And if you've been paying close attention, you'll note that we had already used the two diapers I had put in my purse. BUT THANKFULLY, I had one buried at the bottom in a wadded up ball that I had put in there who knows when.
16. By then Brian and I were wondering what the heck we were thinking bringing the family to the mall!!!
17. I was so glad when Brian managed to get the diaper changed without getting poop everywhere.
18. After that, I quickly tried on my clothes, paid for them, and we made one more stop before making our way out. Again, once we got to the car, it took about 15 minutes to actually load the boys, their stuff, and our packages.
19. Once Brian started the car, we literally just sat there recovering from the whirlwind trip!!! I'm thinking we'll sleep well tonight!! It's just too bad I didn't even get to look for the boys some clothes--guess that means we'll have to do it all again soon! :)


Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Oh my! That does sound like some trip to the mall. I feel like I need a nap after reading it!

Kristina said...

Nursing at the mall - always a bit cagey. I usually found that the ladies dressing rooms in the department stores have a lock on the door, a nice bench you can get comfy on, and quite a bit of privacy to nurse. No one trying to kick you out of the room, either.

Great job on just getting out of the house. It'll get easier.....

Patti H said...

I was exhausted just reading about your trip. But did you all have fun?

gab423 said...

Wow!!! What a day! It will get easier...promise! :)
Oh...I would always nurse in the dressing room of a department store. Much more comfy and clean. Sure beats eating in a bathroom. :)

Yankee said...

I need a nap after reading this.

Cheri Pryor said...

Okay. Wow. That brings back ALL KINDS of memories for me trying to go on an outing with a 4 yr. old, 2 yr. old and newborn.

I didn't get out much back then. lol!!