Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Three Weeks Tommorrow

Wow! On one hand it seems like just yesterday that Jackson was born and on the other it seems like he's always been here! He is doing great--breastfeeding issues are behind us and he got an A+ on his weight check last week. I'm so glad I was able to tough it out and make it past the miserable parts of breastfeeding (it seems "they" always talk about how natural the whole process is, but it is DEFINITELY the combination of both art and science with a whole lot of teamwork thrown in!).

Jackson got his first bath in the actual bathtub this morning. He was one wiggly little guy! It's definitely going to take two people on guard for a little while to bathe him. I don't remember that with Clayton and he was just as little when he came home . . . I was just glad Jackson didn't cry--he seemed to be trying to figure things out the whole time. He saved his crying for once he was out and I was getting him dressed!
I'm still staying close to home (mainly because I'm not driving yet), but we did venture out Friday night so that Clayton could ride GoKarts. We weren't there that long, but I felt like I had been gone all day by the time we got back! It's amazing how just a little bit of activity can wear you out when you are getting over surgery. I honestly think I pushed to hard the first week because I slowed waaaaay down last week. Decided lots of things could wait while I slept with the baby!


Patti H said...

Ashley I am so glad everything is going so well. Great photo of sweet Jackson too!!

Heather said...

I'm soooo glad everything is going well, especially the breastfeeding. I apologize for the leleche lecture. But, yeah! for getting through it! With my last baby, Nathan, I was so excited to un-pregnant, I started all sorts of projects within the first two weeks. I totally crashed by week three--and I didn't have surgery. Okay, here's more advise that I still live by. Don't be a slave to the phone. It's there for YOUR convenience. Don't take phone calls while nursing, during dinner and just turn of the ringer when you nap. So many people let the phone dominate their life but just enjoy the quiet.

Okay, enough of my mothering. Have a great day!

Erin said...

Jackson is adorable!

Just wanted to congratulate you and commiserate. Audrey will be two weeks old tomorrow, and having a little one around the house after just having Fletcher for so long is a little weird, and a lot more work (and I didn't even birth her, let alone have a c-section)!