Thursday, January 22, 2009

20 Weeks

Things are still looking good! My cervix is still holding steady and the baby is looking great. The doctor looked over all of his little internal organs and they all seem to be completely normal. And here's the kicker--he's measuring TALL for his gestational age! Not sure what happened there considering his daddy's genes, but we'll for sure take it!
He's laying on his right side looking straight at us in this pic. The arrow is pointing to his right eye so that should give everyone some perspective. He was looking at us most of the ultrasound, mouth opening and closing. So cool to glimpse his little life in the womb!
I see the perinatologist on Monday for an evaluation. We're mainly going just to talk about options since high-risk pregnancies are his specialty. My ultrasound is scheduled for 8:30 and the appointment sheet says I will see the doctor as soon as possible afterwards. I'm sure hoping that doesn't mean we're there all day!


Yankee said...

I just find this ultrasounds so amazing.

Anonymous said...

How lovely!