Monday, December 10, 2007


--I actually did a little Christmas shopping today. Don't know what got into me!
--Got to scrap a little last night. Nothing spectacular, but I was creative nonetheless.
--This weather is WACKY.
--Clayton is lovin' singing Christmas carols!
--Bible Study + scrapbooking: it's coming to my church, led by Yours Truly! (details to come soon)
--Helped Debbie strip wallpaper this weekend. Remind me to NEVER hang wallpaper in my future homes!


Cassandra said...

I will spend Christmas break stripping wallpaper in Spencer's room and repainting--UGH!!! What was I thinking???? Glad you got so much accomplished today--now quit bragging....hahaha

laurensmom said...

glad you had a great day and i look forward to seeing clayton in video singing