Thursday, December 21, 2006

Musician for Hire

Well, I think Clayton is ready to go on the road! Brian figured out how to get his guitar to stay on his walker and Clayton was a happy camper! He sat there and strummed forever, but his little legs were worn out from walking earlier, so he was tired of standing. I've never seen a child his age so obsessed with a muscial instrument. And he's gotten to where he can hold the pick and strum with one hand and put his left hand on the neck where it's supposed to be. He watches every move Brian makes with his guitar so that he can try it himself. He keeps great time--and since his legs don't work well right now, I really think he's a musician in the making. It's just too bad he doesn't like to hear me sing along with him!!!


Tanya said...

What a cutie pie!!!! Very precious pics!!

Paula Clark said...

He looks so excited - priceless :)

Kelli said...

my son got a guitar for fun :)