Monday, December 18, 2006

Busy Weekend

Friday night Brian and I went out to eat with some of our best friends and we had a great time just chillin' with each other. The highlight of the night was some good old Cold Stone Creamery ice cream. YUM, YUM. Clayton spent the night with my parents, so I had a much needed vacation from the wild nights that he usually has--I slept like a rock. It's almost like I go into a coma when he is not sleeping with me!
Yesterday we went to my GrandMother's for my dad's family's Christmas. It was hard to imagine it was Christmas considering we were all sweating and in short sleeves. Brian wanted to wear shorts, but I talked him out of it (SBR--wouldn't want the pics to look weird!). Clayton had so much fun--he even played a little bit of roller football in his wheelchair--I'm so glad he got to participate, and I think Brian lost a couple of pounds from running and pushing him around!
So we're back to our regularly scheduled lives for the next couple of days and then on to more Christmas celebrations next weekend. Looking forward to seeing the rest of my family.

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