Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bad Hair Week

As many of you know, Clayton had a bad hair week last week. The surgeon shaved WAY too much hair off and then ended up not even going in on his head. Here's what he looked like when he came home from the hospital (the scars are from previous surgeries):
It was horrible! He looked like a concentration camp victim. Luckily, Chasity agreed to come over and shave the rest off so he could at least look halfway normal. I'm still not happy with the way it looks--I miss his wavy, thick hair--but at least it's not half a mohawk anymore. I can't wait until it grows some more. Here's what he looks like today:


Kelli said...

he looks so cute :)

Oscar T. Grouch said...

I still think a full mohawk would have been adorable.

Christy said...

he's so cute. I actually think he looks older (I know you don't want that). Glad all is getting better


Tina said...

Well, bless his heart Ashley!!! He looks cute no matter what :)