Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Fish Out of Water

During the week of Christmas we had a slightly larger than small plumbing leak that lead to pulling up the carpet in Clayton's room.  And so the dominos began to fall.  New carpet in Clayton's room lead to new carpet in the whole house, which of course in turn lead to new paint on all ceilings and walls. And while it all was definitely overdue, the whole process was a bit (and is still) overwhelming.  We've always had a comfortable home with relatively nice things surrounding us, but I wouldn't say decorating is my forte'.  Mainly because I'm over the top practical.  If something is still working, then why do I need to update to the latest style or trend?   (Don't tell anyone that the shower curtain we were using was the same one we had had since 1999.  Because if I think about it, it's just slightly embarrassing that I haven't updated it before now).  O_o  

So here we sit in our freshly painted house with plush new carpet with virtually no accessories around us.  All of our old stuff isn't right anymore and I go to the stores with specific things in mind and walk around like a lost puppy.  I know some women would be right at home shopping for their home and finding the latest things they've seen on Pinterest, but I just wander around hoping something will magically show up in my hands that will look fabulous in my home.  

Scrapbook layouts?  I can rock them out.

Photography?  I got this.

Singing?  Holding my own.

But this house thing has got me stumped!  Blank walls and empty shelves/tables are begging me to fill them and it's just not happening yet.  I hope to find inspiration soon because I definitely don't like the "just moved in" look we've got going on.  

I guess it's back to Pinterest I go . . .  :)

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