Friday, January 17, 2014

Grace . . . So How's That Workin' For Ya?

So as predicted, the ungraceful monster in me has already reared it's ugly head. I was doing good. And then, of course, LIFE happened. I've lost my cool a couple of times (nothing like the old days), but in both instances, as soon as they happened, I recognized them for what they were: a direct attack from Satan to steal my peace.

Not as an excuse, but just as an example . . . . . . this is a sliver of a conversation I had with a nurse at the hospital the other day that almost sent me over the edge. (I don't know why checking Clayton into a clinic that he has gone to at least four times a year for the last ten years is so darn hard!)

[She was asking about his meds--the ones that the other clinic we had just visited an hour before had just asked about and checked in the computer]. Her: Can you tell me his meds and doses? Me: He is on 750 mg of Keppra twice a day Her: Well, I need to know the ml so I can figure how many mg he is on. Me: He is on 750 MG twice a day Her: But how many ml? Me: 7.5, but I'm telling you the actual dose so you don't have to worry about "figuring" anything Her: What else? Me: He is on Baclofen, 20 mg a day Her: But how many ml do you give him? Because that will tell me how many mg Me: I'M TELLING YOU the mg: TWENTY. Her: Well, I have to know the ml so I can calculate the mg. Me: (banging my head against the wall, FOR REAL, I Was), you asked me the DOSE, I told you the DOSE. If I told you the ml, that means nothing unless you know what the pharmacist compounded it at! I'm TELLING you the MG! Her: Well, no offense to you, but not all parents know the dose, so I have to ask the ml. Me: BUT I KNOW THE DOSE, so forget the ML! And she was super impressed that I knew how much his wheelchair weighed by heart. Seriously lady, this AIN'T MY FIRST WEIGH IN. Do you know how many times we've done this??? And in the ENT clinic, the triage nurse wanted me to list all of his surgeries (remember this is just an appt to get sleep study results). I said, "from birth?" She said yes. I said "let me dig out my official list and you can make a copy." "Well, I guess I can look them up in the system." NO DUH! WHY ARE THEY FOREVER TYPING INFO INTO THOSE COMPUTERS WHEN THEY NEVER REFERENCE THEM?

These grace-tests???

I hope they aren't signs of how the whole year will go.

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