Friday, April 26, 2013

Employee of the Month

Well, yesterday's post was just a hint of what was to come in today's post . . . This past Tuesday was Clayton's latest venture in the performing arts.  As usual, he kept us entertained!

This semester's play was based on the television show "Undercover Boss."  The star of the show was a senior this year, and this play was his baby and creation.  Clayton was a part of the Customer Service team and was deemed "The Employee of the Month."  His first line was supposed to be him introducing himself, but he ended up saying "my tooth hurts."  And during the last scene, he just plain did his own thing!

I've pieced together his parts in the play:

Haley was his helper this year, and she should have been awarded a medal for how well she handled Clayton's random talk and driving!  She was the master at improvisation and did a fantastic job helping Clayton.  :)

It's definitely always an adventure with the ACTS, Jr. crew!!!


Stacy said...

He is just precious! I love it! Well done Clayton!

Amy said...

Awesome! Clayton's smile makes the whole thing perfect. Good job, Clayton. You sure looked very grown up in that play.