Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Imagination Station

We've got a new addition to our homestead:
I knew something was up when Brian showed up earlier than normal one afternoon with a trailer load of cardboard and lumber.  And he wasn't home an hour before this fort was completely constructed!  Of course the boys immediately fell in love with it and with that, Jackson immediately locked Clayton into "jail."  
Then they all decided to take a turn locked in jail!  (I think Brian was having just as much, if not more fun than the boys are!
 Jackson was having a hay-day exploring and climbing.
And at one point, this "seating area" turned into his stage for an impromptu concert.  You just have to love the unlimited possibilities of a creative imagination.  :)
Clayton even got to do his favorite thing:  "watch traffic," although there isn't much traffic happening in our backyard.  
It's basically been a work in progress from that day on--Brian has already waterproofed the cardboard roof and sides and has cleared out a "parking area" in the back.  My boys are pretty lucky their daddy hasn't lost his sense of imagination himself.  :)
So far, it's been a house, a jail, and a fort.  I'm thinking they definitely look like a couple of outlaws daring the outside to take them on.  

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Stacy said...

That is awesome!!!! I seriously chuckled at Clayton's t-shirt too. How true is that!!! lol